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Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages for Kids
18th August 2021 By MasterSkillz


Learning a new language can be beneficial for any age. It can benefit children in several ways. Several research studies across the globe support starting multiple language education at the early school level. Children are capable of learninga new language quickly at a very young age.

Moreover, children can also reap several benefits when they learn multiple languages at the age of 6 to 16 years. Learning multiple languages at the early school level helps improve cognitive development such as creativity and problem-solving skills. When a kid learns a new language at an early age, they can acquire it faster, retain it better, and speak with accurate pronunciation. Additionally, learning new languages helps children express themselves better, create a sense of self, and establish relationships.

Here are some of the benefits kids can get from learning multiple languages in the early stage of their life:

1.      Helps Build Confidence

Confidence builds from the ability to communicate effectively and fluently with others. So, when a kid learns multiple languages, this will allow them to communicate with more people, boosting their self-confidence.The ability to communicate with more people in different languages encourage kids to learn the language further and achieve success in their life.

2.      Enhances Brain Development

Several pieces of research on the effect of learning multiple languages on kids proved that exposing them to multiple languages is an excellent way of flex and build their brain muscles. The brain of a bilingual or multilingual child develops more densely. According to a study by Andrea Mechelliand her colleagues from Wellcome Department of Image Neuroscience, London found that people who speak more than one languagehave denser grey matter in their brain as compared to monolingual people. Grey matter in the brain processes information such as speech, memory, and sensory perception.

3.      Boosts Problem-solving Skills and Creativity

Learning a new language requires concentration and a mental workout. The brain constantly works to grasp new words, store them in memory, and relate them to their native language. When a child learns multiple languages, he shows signs of better mental flexibility and enhanced creativity. They also develop better problem-solving and multi-tasking skills unconsciously. They can creatively solve every problem they face, making them better at decision-making as compared to monolinguals.

4.      Improves Academic Scores

Children who learn multiple languages tend to perform better in academics. They perform better in other subjects including Mathematics and Science. Furthermore, a study on performance in the verbal sectiondepicted children who learn multiple languages show improvements in SAT-verbal scores.The length of time children study other languages positively impacts how they perform in their academics.

5.      Teaches Tolerance and Empathy

While improving their cognitive and academic skills, learning multiple languages also teaches kids to be more tolerant and empathetic towards people different from them. Learning multiple languages help them learn about different cultures and religions. This helps them understand how diverse the world is. Children learning multiple languages will have more social experiences providing them the practice of considering others’ perspectives. They develop a positive attitude towards other cultures associated with the languages they learn. The experience of learning new languages introduces kids to the world in ways they never imagined before.

Kids always keep exploring new things and enrolling them to learn a new language will improve their confidence, develop their brain and teach them empathy.Also, learning a new language is a fun experience for them when teaching involves play-type activities to enhance the vocabulary and grammar in new languages.

With the expertise of learning new languages, kids can enjoy the opportunity of broadening their career options in the future. A multilingual person with excellent communication skills can have a myriad of options when looking for a job. Several companies worldwide look for professionals with multilingual communication skills, and this demand will continue to rise in the future. Hence, the benefits of learning multiple languages for kids are endless, and this would help them build their own path towards success.